Pre-screening is a new feature on UNPP. It will be done by the UN once at the time of a CSO registering an account on the portal. Pre-screening serves as a deterrent for organizations that are not CSOs. The implementation of pre-screening will result in a modification of the registration screen.


  • CSO user selects type of organization and fills the basic information section in the registration form

  • The “legal status” section currently placed in the profile—and which includes fields like, “year of establishment in country of operation,” “does the organization have a governing document?” “is the organization registered to operate in the country?” will be brought forward to the registration field

  • The CSO can upload the following documents:

    • Governing document

    • Registration document

    • Letter of recommendation

  • If a user does not have a governing document or registration document, they can provide a reason for lack of documentation

  • The CSO fills the partner declaration, enters their email and password, and provided that the organization is not a duplicate or on the sanctions list, the CSO will be granted access to the portal.

  • Once the CSO is in the portal, the documents uploaded will pre-populate the legal status section of the portal and cannot be edited. Users will have the option to ‘add new’ section to upload updated versions of the documents, as relevant. If reference letters uploaded, it will pre-populate the reference section of the portal and cannot be edited, however, the CSO can choose to add additional references.

  • Once the CSO is in the portal, their documents can be verified by the UN using the steps in the verification workflow. Verification can happen at any time in the portal.

  • If during verification, the UN realizes that the organization falsely presented itself as a CSO (for example, by uploading a governing document indicating that the entity is actually a for-profit enterprise, or uploading a registration document issued to another entity, or indicating in the “reason for lack of documentation” field that it has no registration certificate due to the disbanding of the relevant government entity, when the extenuating circumstance cited is not factual), then the organization can be given an escalated risk flag and subsequently removed from the portal.

Who has permissions for Verification:

  • Editor Advanced


  • An organization must upload at least one document or provide explanations to gain access to the portal. UNPP will conduct a system-enabled check to ensure that either a file (.pdf, .jpg, .doc, .tiff, .png) is uploaded OR text has been entered the “reason for lack of documentation” field. Those organizations found to have not complied with these requirements will not be able to proceed with registration.

  • If, after an organization has successfully registered on UNPP but is found during the human-enabled verification process—to not be a CSO, then it and all its users will be deactivated from the portal.

The steps for pre-screening are as follows

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