Organization Profile set up

Unregistered Users

In order to create a profile on UNPP, you must first complete the registration process. For information on how to register, visit the Registration page.

Registered Users


After completing the registration process, the user will be limited to a number of actions due to their profile not being complete.

UNPP requires users to have completed their account profiles before moving further within the application.

A profile is comprised of the following seven tabs:

  • Identification

  • Contact Information

  • Mandate & Mission

  • Funding

  • Collaboration

  • Project Implementation

  • Other Information

In this section, we will review all seven tabs in detail, and provide details to what information a user must provide in order to successfully complete their profile.

In this section, a majority of the organization details the user provided upon registration are pre-filled.

However, it is important that the user include the following information to complete this section of their profile:

  • Legal Status

    • Year of establishment in country

    • Include Governing Document if available.

    • Organization's registration to operate.

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