CFEI and Applications Assessment

Viewing list of submitted applications

As a reviewer, Focal Point or person with appropriate permissions, user can reject or add an application to preselected list and download Concept Note directly from the list. Rejecting and preselecting is possible per application (when user hovers over the row in a table, icons are displayed) or for more than one application (by selecting checkbox and using icons displayed in a table's header):
Application tab - Hover on a row
Application tab - two applications selected

Viewing application details

To view application's details, user needs to click on Application ID. The following screen will be displayed:
Application details
User has an option to view profile summary and go to profile details (link on the bottom of Profile summary card), download a Concept Note and provide optional feedback in Comments section of this screen.

Adding applications to Preselected list

Applications added to Preselected list, may be removed from there, user can download a Concept Note directly from the list.
Preselected list tab
This list provides also information about review progress and scores added by reviewers. Important feature of this screen is an option to compare selected applications (checkboxes selected, compare icon available in table header).
Applications marked for comparison
When compare button is clicked, modal window will appear:
Compare concept notes modal window
Applicant(s) can be selected from this modal window and comparison report can be downloaded.

Adding a review of the application

When user is selected to be a reviewer for a CFEI and application deadline is reached, user needs to review all preselected applications and add scores for each. Reviewing is possible from the Application details screen - button is placed in Reviewers card, next to reviewers name.
Application details screen - when application deadline reached
To add a review, modal window will be opened:
Adding a review - modal window
Preview of added review is displayed in Reviews card with date of assessment and total score added by this reviewer. Row is expandable - scores per criteria and notes are shown. Next to Reviewers card, Average total score for this Applicant and counter of assessments is shown.
Preview of added review
Users can edit their reviews. Modal window is opened by clicking on edit icon:
Edit review - modal window

Selecting application(s)

To select an application (or more than one), all assessments need to be done and Partner's profile needs to be verified. User can use button in modal window, when compering applications, or from the screen with Application details - button is placed in the screen header (top right).
Selecting Applicant from Application details screen - selecting not possible yet
Selecting Applicant from Application details screen
When Select button is clicked, modal window will appear and user will need to provide justification for this selection. Partner will be notified about selection and will need to accept or decline the offer from Agency.
Select Concept Note - modal window
When Partner is selected, status of Application changes and Retract selection button is displayed:
Application details screen - Partner selected

Viewing results of CFEI assessment

When CFEI is Closed/Under Review and assessment is not finished, the Results tab shows as follows:
Results tab when assessment is not finished
When Partner is selected, the Results tab will be showing selected Partner, details of assessment (in expandable row) with option to retract selection:
Results tab when assessment is finished - Partner selected

Retracting selection

Retraction can be made from Results tab in CFEI and from Application details screen (top right in a header). If Agency user decides to retract selection for this Partner, the modal window will be displayed and justification will need to be provided:
Retract selection - modal window
The status of Application will change in the header on Application details screen as follows:
Selection retracted
Information about retraction with justification will be displayed on Results tab as well:
Results tab - offer retracted
When different Partner is selected, its Legal Name will be displayed on Results page, with option to retract selection:
Second Partner selected

Finalizing CFEI

To finalize CFEI, user needs to click Finalize button in screen header, the following modal will appear:
Finalize CFEI - modal window
Reason of completing the CFEI and justification must be provided. The status of CFEI will be changed and justification will be displayed in Results tab:
Result tab - after completion