Upon logging into the UNPP portal, both an Agency User or a Partner User will be directed immediately to their account’s dashboard page. Each user has a set list of high-level reporting and analytics that will be present within the body section of the Dashboard. See below for further details.

Agency Dashboard:

The Agency Dashboard gives the agency user high level information in the forms of interactive graphs, analytics, and pre-filtered tables that are of most value to the user; all broken down into sections or “cards”.
Dashboard Cards:
  • Number of New Partners
    • Past 15 days
  • Number of Partners
    • By Type
      • Different Types of Partners displayed in this section:
        • International NGO (INGO)
        • Academic Institution
        • Nation NGO
        • Community Based Organization (CBO)
        • Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement.
        • And more
  • Number of New Calls For Expressions of Interest
  • Number of Concept Notes to Score
  • List of Concept Notes requiring your scoring
  • List of Open CFEIS
  • Partner Decision from last 5 days.
Agency Dashboard 1 of 2
Agency Dashboard 2 of 2